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Friday Phrases: Collection No. 2: Fall 2014

Another dose of my Friday Phrases!

If you don’t know what Friday Phrases happens to be …
Every Friday, writers (or anyone so inclined) come up with a 140-character or less micro fiction, slap on a FP hashtag, and share it with the Twitterverse. There are weekly themes, however those are optional. The imagination involved is truly limitless. Well, except when it comes to pornography/erotica or promoting your own work. You'll need some other Twitter outlet for that. (But don't worry, there’s a lot!)
Check it out, make some friends, and be thoroughly entertained!
Now see below my Fall 2014 Collection!

September 12th, 2014
Shoes crunched over fallen leaves. She pulled her jacket tighter, trying to ignore the fact the shadow following her wasn't her own. #FP

October 3rd, 2014
"Hey, kid!" The rotund figure crooked a finger from behind a bush. "Yeah, you!" Humpty Dumpty threw open his trench coat, giggled, & fled. #FP
Firm, thick, & ebony. They manhandle the sticky, luscious, & ivory body between them until sweet release. #SexyOreos #FP
Plea-e don't thr-w this note away! It s--nds crazy, but Sam isn't Sam. BELI-VE ME! I saw it kill him, slip on his sk--- #FP
Shy eyes descend to hopeful lips. A cautious lean pulls into an embrace. Breath meets & skin touches for the 1st time, hearts racing. #FP

October 10th, 2014
Strong hands sink into her aching back. She sighs, pleased. The hands then creep to her neck, removing tension forever with a sharp snap. #FP

October 17th, 2014
"Wake up." He lifted her stiff hands to his lips, his breath on her grey skin. She stirred, milky eyes opening to gaze upon her master. #FP
The floor was a trail of torn clothes to the bedroom. Discarded shirts, pants, & socks lead to a mattress weighed down by a teething puppy. #FP
"Done yet?" He leers. She licks salt off the rim of her glass, taps the table. He's dragged under it screaming. "Bottoms up." She toasts. #FP

October 31st, 2014
You can hear it riding the wind when it rattles the glass in the pane. Make no mistake, that's not the wind trying to howl your name. #FP
"Please! Let me in!" She pounds on my door. I look through the peephole. She's bleeding. I rush her in. What foolish trust she has. #FP
Hand around my waist, his mouth to mine. I sink into him, not noticing the paint peel, the floor rotting, or the rising infernal flames. #FP
The black cat weaved through the forest, her mistress' shadow gliding at her paws. The handle was reserved for the shrieking meal tonight. #FP
She swirled the crimson in a fine glass. "Lovely bouquet!" After a sip, she left the body to swing, further letting into its pail. #FP

November 7th, 2014
Marble, cold & inanimate, mimicking humanity when graced by a chisel. Enviable, these statues, life-like without the burden of a soul. #FP
Flushed. Panting. Following waking dreamscapes. Deep-rooted desire making it all that much more real, but still intangible. #FP
Release. There isn't any. I build up, taut; a master pulls my strings tighter. A sweet melody growing increasingly strained until I snap. #FP
She danced at the ball, radiant, full of life. He needed to finally claim that life. Too many missed opportunities, but not tonight. #FP
Runoff sinks me into the earth. Palms & ferns obscure my curvaceous idol form. I was worshipped, now discarded, a goddess left in ruin. #FP
November 14th, 2014
His lips press against her ear. "If you-" She smirks, runs a hand down his thigh. The mugger flinches as a blade slices his femoral artery. #FP
November 21st, 2014
The darkness roiled with a fever-pitch as the sky separated. What descended from the heavens looked like a god. It was anything but. #FP
Salt in the air, wrapping around my tongue as I choke on a scream. I flail, trying to stay above water. Sea wraiths were persistent! #FP
Magnetic, that pull. Consider it a call to fate, a rise to destiny. Follow it. Before it finds you on its own terms. #FP
Ascension, Fingers tracing up my skin. Breath held captive by his touch, Released by his kiss, until made prisoner again. #FP

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