Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Withering Undine

She flails under water
Backlit by her own waning light
Her shadow drowning with her
These depths a smothering pitch
She reaches up
Heart aching
Impossible to breathe
Mind racing
She doesn’t remember forgetting to swim
Other memories weigh her down
A cast-iron embrace
Nestling their ear to her bosom
She sinks slowly
Heart breaking
Impossible to breathe
Mind fading
She watches the illumination
Stretch farther away
Arms open in farewell
Hair a black waving fan
She closes her eyes
Heart failing
Impossible to breathe
Mind at last escaping
Note: Photograph is not mine. Couldn't find the original creator. I can give proper credit should someone know and bring them to my attention. Thanks!


  1. YES! this is so wonderful Larysia!!!
    I think you can imagine how big my smile is seeing something like this from you.
    Wow. Brava!!

    1. Thanks, Eric! I appreciate your feedback! Glad you enjoyed :) Going to work on my next poem tonight! Thanks for reading and commenting. Happy Google let you haha

  2. Love this. A one trick pony, you most certainly are not. Cheers and thanks for sharing a beautiful intense write.

    1. Thanks, J.D. for the wonderful feedback! Glad to hear me broadening my horizons is still a good read ;)
      Here's to creating more! :D

  3. Beautiful work - makes me think & wonder somewhere deep, leaving a foggy afterfeeling with a taste of green tea without sugar...

    1. Thank you! Glad my work managed to be so evocative for you! Thanks for reading and commenting :) & cheers to that tea! Going to get myself a cup now.