Friday, 15 January 2016


A universal gravitas
Is sealed among the stars
Hanging in the balance
Between us and who we are

A sea of constellations
Churning in an orbital tide
Retelling their stories
With ebb and rise

A volley of meteors
Titans raining wrath upon gods
Interstellar havoc
Favoring no odds

A mural of auroras
Palette of ethereal shades
Painting the heavens
With kaleidoscopic cascades

A halo of luminosity
Coronas of light
Embracing celestial bodies
Distant and tight

A scattering of stardust
From a womb of chaos
Birthing supernovas
In iridescent lust

A spark of life
Stroke of luck or grand design
Crossing the galaxy
Benevolent, malevolent, and benign


  1. This is so beautiful and I am so proud if you!!! Really is amazing, Larysia. ❤

    1. Thank you, Eric! I am so happy you think so! Spent days getting it just right. Glad it paid off.