Wednesday, 27 April 2016


Famine consumes me
My soul bereft of nourishment
I starve
Seeking an oasis
Running down a mirage

I fall
Every time

Dry grit at my knees
When did I lose my way?
When did the land become barren
And sun, relentless?

Burning heat parches me
Inside and out
My husk
Taking step after step
A black silhouette
Swallowed by dunes of beige
Stretching beyond my vision

I have given up hope
I walk
One foot in front of the other
Afraid what shadow walks in my stead
As I chase down illusions

Far from alone in my quest
I see others
Weathered before a judging sun
They cannot acknowledge me
Lost in self-pity
We lose ourselves

Muted hooves pound the sand
We look up
The greatest shadow of all
Is His

A dark,
Healthy horseman upon a withered steed
The animal hungers
As we do

The rider forces it to rear
Bulging bones
Strained muscles
Transparent flesh
A neigh tearing our desert asunder

Sand sprays
Like water
In a tempest
Granules stinging our skin
Ripping us apart
As we join the particles
Amidst the vast nothing

Our soft tears
Become an oasis
To vanish
Before another wan traveller lost

Hi again, all!
Thanks for reading this poem I did for the flashfiction community, 200-Word Tuesdays. I selected April’s other theme of “Soft Tears.” I took inspiration from one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse this time around, focusing on a spiritual famine.

  Thanks and take care!
No idea where this picture came from. If you’re the owner and want me to credit you, please let me know and I will happily do so!

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Ad Infinitum

It fills the night
With the prominence of the sun
Stretching its wings
Of fire

Aerial immortal
Envied by alchemists
For infinity is theirs
Adorned in gold
With accents of
And crimson

The phoenix climbs
Like a pinion of flame
A final dance
To begin again

Air ripples with heat
As the firebird becomes brighter,
Stars watching,
In their still void

From within
Burning like a forge
On the precipice of war
Illuminates its soul
At its eternal core

Like a supernova
The flier of fire erupts
Sky quaking as kaleidoscopes of colour
Soundlessly join
The aurora borealis’ undulating rhythm

Emblazoned with the spark of life
Drifts among the clouds
In waves of hues
Cresting with every trough

Until finally!

Gravity greedily claims them
Of gold,
And crimson
They fall gently
With the luminous grace
Of fireflies
With the focused purpose
Of sentries
Unafraid to die

Embers land
Kissing earth
A heated sensual embrace
On the cool forest floor
With a growing hunger
A ravaging wanting,
More, more, more

Acrid smoke
Joins the Northern Lights
As the lush greenery burns
On the wings
Of a phoenix rising
Once more

Hey everyone!
Thanks for reading this poem I did for the flashfiction community, 200-Word Tuesdays! I selected April’s theme of “Embers” as I was inspired by the mystical phoenix, a fantastical immortal of beauty and rebirth.
Thanks and take care!
Artwork by Frank Koran.