Friday, 14 October 2016


My act
Star of the show
Dead eyes
Pale skin
Comically large teeth
A grin as vast as the ocean

If only they could tell
See beyond the miming
Comedic timing
Perfect delivery
And flashy costume
That they’re actually watching
Houdini’s escape

Bound in chains
Around my chest
And throat
With an anchor at my feet
An Ishmael
With a Herculean feat

I pick up the roses and pennies
At my feet
Bow again
Let the curtains fall
Lights dim
Allow the darkness find me
Until tomorrow

Backstage is a world
I cherish
Comfort in solitude
Where the shackles loosen
Just enough
In a dressing room
To remove the paint from my face
Revealing Old Marley’s ghost in my vanity
Staring back
With haunted desperation

I turn the phonograph on
Listening to sad, strange songs
My rattling of chains
A crescendo
Words unsaid
And words said without regret

Falling into restless sleep
“Little Nemo,”
I ask,
“How do you reach this Slumberland
As you wake?”

Dawn inevitably comes
New tickets are sold
I am bought again
Done up to the nines
A primadonna
No ego to behold

Life is a stage
We are all actors
Big and small
Until we are nothing at all
And the show must go on
But for how long?

Hi again, all!

I did this poem for the flashfiction magazine, 200-Word Tuesdays. I selected August’s themes of “Unseen” and “Strange Songs.”

Thanks and take care!

Again, not sure where the picture came from. If you want credit, let me know!

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