Tuesday, 29 August 2017

I'm Here

Maya giggled to herself, a Barbie in each hand. She orchestrated each one’s melodramatic flails of outrage and whispered the scandalous dialogue between them. Then she heard crying in the other room.

           “… Mommy?” She stood up. Tentatively, she placed Nurse Barbie down in her miniature mansion and took Mermaid Princess Barbie—her favourite!—with her. She tiptoed out of her room and down the hall to peek around the corner leading to the living room.

           Her mother was sitting on the couch in her starfish and seashell scrubs. Her elbows were on her knees, her palms to her face. She sobbed, stopping occasionally to take in a hitching breath or to wipe her nose unapologetically on her sleeve.

           Maya made a face. She’d get in trouble if she ever got caught doing that!

           “It’s my fault.” Her mother whispered.

           The little girl came out from around the corner.

“Are you okay, mommy?” She walked to the couch and hopped up onto a cushion. She placed a hand on her mom’s arm. Her mother didn’t always seem to see or hear Maya anymore. Not since the bad day at the pool. But at this moment, she could feel her.

She glanced down to see Mermaid Princess Barbie resting at her side.

Figured I’d get some more content on my blog and partake in what 200-Word Tuesdays has freshly become: Musae Mosaic! I selected the theme "At This Moment." Feel free to check my flashfic out there, too. Thanks!

Disclaimer: I do not own that image. Not sure who does. Let me know I can provide credit, assuming it isn’t the stock photo I think it is. 

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